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Kali Nethunter App Store Launched

By Admin July 18th 2019 414

The biggest penetration testing OS, Kali Linux has launched its Official Security related App Store for Kali Nethunter .

What is Kali NetHunter?

Kali Nethunter is an android image that has all the security related features. To understand it better, take for example the MIUI OS by Xiaomi or Redmi. MIUI OS is the modified version of various Android OS release by Google .

So, when a new OS version is released, companies like Xiaomi take the original stock Android Image(Not an image/picture but the file that has Android OS) and modifies it with their own style. Then, the modified OS is released to various Xiaomi devices.

Kali Linux Official Gnome release

More on NetHunter

Similarly, the Kali Linux team takes the stock Android ISO Image and modifies it to make a penetration testing Image and release it on its Official Website

Now a normal user like us would download the ISO image and replace it on our Android Phones.

In it's official blog post the Kali Linux team announced the first official beta release of a store dedicated for apps for hacking. It is focused on providing security related applications primarily for Kali Nethunter but, can also be downloaded in any Android OS.

Some apps requires rooted Android while most of them currently can run without root.

Kali Team in its initial releases has been working hard on Kali Nethunter and with its latest release it seems that the team is serious about Kali Nethunter.

To download the Kali Nethunter App Store from our website click here or from the official website click here

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